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Sunday, April 28, 2013

1 Million Kisses and Diamond Necklace Gift to My Mom on this Mother’s Day 2013 Celebration.

‘God cannot be everywhere, so he created Mothers.’ A mother is the first lady in our life, the first memory of selfless love. The first person who understood us even before we understood the world. And even when we think we have figured the world, we are not happy until we share our worries with her and she says it will work out. When she says, “Its fine,” it simply doesn’t matter what the rest of the world thinks. Mothers know the best!

Mother’s daycelebration has today become a phenomenon around the globe. Our smallest gesture of telling her how much we love her, makes her happy. And there is nothing more special for a mother when it comes from her dear ones; a simple note, hug, a call just to wish her or getting her favourite flowers delivered at her door step. We all know what our mother’s will love best and try to make her feel special. Our wishing or not wishing too doesn’t make a difference to her, she will continue showering her unconditional love for her children all her life.

We at JPearls have all the lovely and precious jewellery which you would like to gift to your mothers. Jewellery she can proudly announce as her mother’s day gifts from her children. A collection set exclusively for Mother’s day.  A range to pick in from pearl and diamond jewellery in neckpieces, earrings, pendants. We know her taste in jewellery and what suits her best, and when that is clearly marked it just makes it easier to choose the best for her.

This Mother’s day do not miss out to make her feel special and to tell her that ‘you are the best mom on earth.’  Let’s give our Mothers the credit of everything we are today, gift her a symbol of love, small yet a meaningful way to say ‘thank you for loving me unconditionally.’

Our mothers take care of us all their life and we owe it to take care of her for the rest of our lives. A Mother deserves the best because she has always chosen and will only choose what is best for us!

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