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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Navratri Festival-Durga Ashtami-Vijaya Dashami-Dussehra - Durga Puja

At last the auspicious nine nights of ‘Nav – Ratri’ has arrived.  The lunar calendar has spoken, and rainy season has ended for us all! But whether it continues to rain or the sky pours down, dedicated Godess Durga followers will worship her in nine classic forms. Then why would ‘Jpearls’ lay back as a silent spectator’s.  
Dandiya, the popular Navratridance form has inspired a new meaning and soul to our new collection, named after the great dance. These nine nights will fill happiness and satisfaction in homes that have trusted Jpearls for generations. This time, dancing young legs won’t be alone in celebrating Navratri by holding the biggest dancing celebration in the world. Navratri has brought a new fervor to our Store at MG road and our website, Jpearls.com.
The word ‘Dan’ from Dandiya means God is a very popular first name for men. It also means ‘God is My Judge`. Diya also comes with a deep and serene numerological meaning that fills joy, imagination and enthusiasm in women, who share this name.  Our collection is a humble tribute to the everlasting beauty and devotion of Durga and Navratri festival. We have updated the collection on our website and now the God is our Judge!
The collection is specifically made for the purpose of Navratri festival and includes a widerange of traditional jewellery that is expertly handcrafted and inspired by devotees and pioneers of the art of making jewels. For Navratri Festival, JPearls have collection of Diamond Jewellery & traditional Pearl Jewellery, ranging from Rs 499/- to Rs 4,500/.
The diamond jewellery collection and traditional pearl jewellery which is a longstanding reflection of quality, service and trust of Jpearls will exhibit a graceful and elegant new line of jewels. So visit our store in auspicious days, to enjoy the Nine nights even more.

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