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Friday, June 15, 2012

Father's Day 2012 A father is his son’s first superhero and his daughter’s first love

Father's Day 2012 father is his son’s first superhero and his daughter’s first love”

Dads are special in a million ways. As the guiding light of our lives, they keep up the promise of protecting and providing. While mothers heal and nurture us, fathers brace us to face the trials of this world. Every father parades his kid on his shoulders, wanting his child to reach for the skies and taste success greater than his own. A bread winner, a caring guardian, a strict disciplinarian, a boyish comrade to a son and the most loving man a daughter could ever have, father’s dawn innumerable roles in life’s every phase.

It was a proud daughter, who wanted to thank her father of six, for all he had done for them, and this is how Father’s Day was born!

So, make this Father’s Day, a day your dad would cherish for a lifetime. A gift is a token of love and speaks of a myriad emotions in a beautiful way.

Jagadamba Pearls offers a wide range of souvenirs and Father's Day Gifts especially for Dads this June.
Gift your dad a special jeweled pen, pearl cufflink set, or a premium gold plated visiting card holder and other such precious items to make your dad feel equally treasured and cherished! You can also look at our premium range of jewellery products that your dad can cherish for life. For the fun side, explore our gold and silver plated playing cards for a game of bridge with him.

  • Jpearls Cufflink Set
The most cherished gift that every father is proud of. A pair of jeweled cufflink set for your dearest dad. Our cufflink sets are unique and stylishly designed for your favourite man in the world.

  • Jpearls Gold Coated Cigarette Lighter
Not everything goes away into smoke. Especially when you have a cigarette lighter that marks your dad's distinct personality. Buy your dad a lighter he would cherish all his life.

  • Jpearls Stylish Gold Coated Cigarette Lighter
It's designer, it's flamboyant and personable. The ultimate lighter for the only – DAD
  • Jpearls Silver Cigarette Case
The perfect case to carry his lights. It's dazzling silver that catches his eyes and sparkles it.

  • Jpearls Playing Card (Silvery)
It's time to play his favourite game of cards. Surprise him with a pack of silver coated playing cards that adds the punch to his game.
  • Jpearls Playing Card (Golden)
This one wins his heart all over again with pride and excitement to show it to his friends. It's gold plated and it is synonymous with his persona, it is a set of cards he shows off to everyone.

  • Jpearls Pen
If dad bought you your first pen, it is time you gave him one in return. Only, this time, a much more spectacular and jewel toned for a lifelong memory. Choose our premium pen range to buy the perfect pen for dad.

  • Jpearls Sip Flask
Can dad get cooler than this? A sip flask that is a sight to see. Beautiful and intricate, our sip flasks are silver plated to make them extra special. Go ahead, buy one for him today!

  • Jpearls Cigarette Case With Lighter
A duo that goes with him everywhere. Reminds him of your thoughtfulness and love. It's made with detailed craftsmanship in gold and silver plating. Now, the choice is yours- which one to resist!

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